Senate Law - Asteroid Belt and Accessibility Bill Debate Thread

Format: Bill

Name: (Chosen by Senate staff) Asteroid Belt Accessibility Act

Character Name: Matthias Hunyadi
Sponsors: (Minimum of one) Titan
Planetary System: Kapus Kiraly
Bill, motion or amendment: Make the asteroid belt a freely accessible zone for all systems (including the ability to mine such places, with the restriction of not being able to build bases or claim territory within the asteroid belt).

Format: Law

Name: Unclaimed Territory Act

Character Name: Matthias Hunyadi
Sponsors: Kapus Kiraly
Planetary System: Titan
Bill, motion or amendment:

Dub all unclaimed soil as permanently unclaimable (similar to Antarctica), and allow any power to freely move and mine said zones.

Order! Due to the similarity of these two bills, they may be debated together but voted upon separately. Please indicate as you vote how you vote on each bill.

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Mercury votes Aye for both. (Or either?.. whichever passes.)

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It is the position of Europa that asteroid zones should be accessible to all, but anyone who colonizes an asteroid should have a right to the solar body. Letting the status of colonies be legally uncertain is a road to conflict. A power should not have the right to mine or colonize an asteroid that is already colonized. It is also a ridiculous hamstring of solar economic development to bar asteroid colonization outright.

Europa votes no to both in their present state.


Titania respects the rights of nations to freely colonise individual asteroids within the freely accessible asteroid zone. However, an asteroid can not be claimed unless a colony/adequate outpost has been formed.

It is therefore the decision of Titania and the Lord President of Titania to vote against the bill at present state, keeping in line with the arguments made by Europa.

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The UCCV wishes clarification on how these acts would affect our sovereignty and our ability to continue asteroid relocation.

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Neither of these bills has an external sponsor

((My bad.

@Champion as you’re voting for this, would you mind being a sponsor

inb4 accused of bias))

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Ganymede votes against both.

Councillor Alexander raised the issue of the free movement of the military potentially coming under the bill relating to the asteroid belt, and given that no clarity or reassurance was given Ganymede must vote against the bill. Europa’s own reasoning for voting against the Accessibility Bill also applies to Ganymede, and thus we vote against this bill too.

It is the belief of Luna that nations have the right to expand and create space for themselves, as is beneficial to them. At the same time, we believe it is important for smaller nations to have the rights to resources.

With these two things in mind, Luna votes Aye to the Asteroid Belt Accessability Act, but Nay to the Unclaimed Territory Act.