Service Engine Soon Light - I Have the codes


My service engine light came on, so I had autozone put it on the pc. It came back with two Codes

P0174 - Lean Bank 2

P1151 - Air metering control

Can anyone go into detail what these codes mean?



Just reach up behind you dash and snip the wires to the S.E.S. light.

Sounds like a bad Air metering control is causing the lean bank.


I like diag’n. My first point of advise would be to remove youre MAf and check to see if you got something on/in it. dunno if you have a K&N but sometimes it will collect the cleaning solution on the Maf and it will gum it up. Just use elec. parts cleaner and spray it on and clean it off. Shoudl take care of it. I’ll go check it out and see what it tells me.


thanks for the response guys. I might take my Pro-M meter off and throw the stock one back on for a couple days to see if it trips it again.


Is that when it happened? Or have you had it for a while ( PRO) Because you would have just got sometihng in it. Remove it and look on the hotwires and see if anything got on them. You dont have to remove it and swap it with stock parts. lol.


That’s true about the MAF wires. That happened to me once. After I cleaned my K&N, I must have used to much of that K&N spray stuff after I cleaned it. The next day my truck was running odd with the service light coming on intermittently. A friend said to spray the MAF wires with spraclean electrical cleaner and BAM. No probs.


I know :smiley: I see it all the time.


i’ve had the pro for a while. I just took it apart and sprayed it with some electrical cleaner. We’ll see if it works. It usually takes a few days for the light to come back on after i reset it