Sexiest Accents (both individual and by nationality) in your opinion


For me, my list includes:

Scottish (Male)

German (both, but primarily male)




Cuban/Puerto Rican (Female)

Specific examples of sexy accents from various youtubers include:

Shirvan from Caspian Report (no clue what nationality)

Bismarck: Military Aviation History (German, good looking, great voice)

There are several others I could go into but these are the ones that come immediately to mind


Canadian women :heart:
Polish women :heart_eyes:
London women :heart_eyes:
German men (especially of the north around Berlin and Rokstok)


Yeah, German dudes sound great. German women can be hit or miss, it all depends


New England, Rhode Island, and Mid-West are the best accents, 100% American too.


Okay ik this is sexiest accents, but, I love like ‘african’ accents. I can’t give an exact location but tbh, and this is gonna sound awful, when like boko haram or something creates a promotional video, their voices are great. Like I actually like the sound of their accents. Idk if i’d consider them ‘sexy’ but their nice to listen too.


For me I really like Kenyan. Nigerian sounds alright but it’s impossible to understand. South African (both Zulu and Boer) have a pretty good ring to them as welll IMO


And BH is Kenyan. My dad remarried a Kenyan and there’s a few of em in my school


Ahhh okay, then yeah Kenyan is dope lmao. Nigerian too.