Shame on you United Airlines

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United to Charge Overweight Passengers for Extra Seats - The Middle Seat Terminal - WSJ

Overweight? Think Twice Before Flying United Airlines! « Jacky’s Blog

whaaaat? are you fucking kidding me? they are going to get sued for discrimination now…

I’ve heard that several other airlines are following suit.

I dont know how they can and not call it discrimination honestly

This is a tough one for me.

I can see both sides.

I suspect somebody will take this to court to fight this. That is the American way.:wink:

8 others to be exact. united is the 9th

I can see both sides… I know we’ve debated this before, but I gotta be hones that it’s unfair if I’m make even more uncomfortable in that tiny ass seat when the person next to me is spilling over into my seat. It’s honestly an uncomfortable position for both parties involved in that instance.

when I was searching for this article I saw something in an article saying that Canada made some law that they cant do that is there anyone from Canada here that knows anything about that.

I dunno that they can consider weight a discrimination though. There are several things you can’t do based on a weight restriction. It’s more for safety usually, but this is somewhere along those lines I guess.

I just cant imagine having to pay 600 for a seat if you are overweight thats crazy! First class has bigger seats wouldnt it be cheaper to fly first class than coach then for those peeps?

I’m sure the sales of first class will go up!

apparently (as i’ve heard) obesity is apparently a disease now…:confused

The thing is you are buying a seat. And there is nothing I am aware of that stipulates the size of the seat.

When you order tickets it is based on the number of passengers.

I think that is where the discrimination will come up.

It may sound silly but I can see where congress mandates a certain number of over sized seats.

If they do then the air lines will come back with everything based on weight. They can use air freight as the reasoning to do that.

Good. I always get caught between two giant sweat beasts on the airplane.

I think it’s a matter of simple economics. You can only fit a certain number of seats on a plane which dictates the price per ticket. If the airlines are forced to put larger seats on the plane to accommodate larger passengers, they will have fewer seats per flight which will increase the dollar amount for each ticket.

My problem is that everyone will end up paying for the larger passengers one way or the other…

Overweight means extra fuel costs for the airline but then the extra cost is offset by the kids. Just Boycott.

They were obviously reading my should fat people pay double thread.

Anyway, if you object to it, just boycott.

fat people should fly for free …so if you crash you can eat them

Canada did make that a law, yes. I’m torn on this, actually. I don’t think you should have to necessarily pay double, but maybe have a section with larger seats and more space?

i dunno… i get that is mean and descriminating…but if you on a long fligt and the person next to us ass is squishing your leg… i dont like coming in contact with ppl i dont know… i like my space… space on a plane is not enough anyway without them sitting on top of you… would get me very agrivated…