"She's a Winner Every Time" Yeah... right


I feel so bad for this cobra



“reserve not met”

lol for a minute there I though 500hp went for $13.5K :tard


poor car, it wasn’t too bad, until i saw the inside of the car. then i passed out. when i woke back up, i cried a little. :tard


yeah im with matt. the outside aint to bad except that wing. but the interior is just wrong and :barf


they made a ghey little snake be the shifter lol. what a fuckin joke man. i feel raped, abused, and ambarrassed to drive a mustang


:wtf :gay


somehow, i dont trust a seller who cant spell ‘K & N’ correctly… and am i mistaken, or is vortech not spelled with a k…

anyhow, that car is a monstrosity - the spoiler?? the taillights??? that doesnt belong on a cobra…

the rims are kinda nice though


that poor cobra


i haven’t seen anything so apolling since I was working at napa and a guy driving a 68 chev needed information on how to change his oil…