Shitposting and Spamming


Can we differentiate between the two?

Spam is annoying. Shitposting is fun(ny).

Spamming wank in threads should obviously be banned. But a relevant shitpost is harmless, and in some cases, draws in attention.


Both are against the rules.


And I’m positing debate for a rules change.


We’re agreed that spamming is against the rules and bloody irritating

Shit posting in debate categories is banned because we want to keep a line between debate and casual conversation. If shit posting is kept to the off-topic sections, then the debate and discussion categories can be kept clean and easier to see the topic progression.


ohh noo


I agree. Maybe we should have a serious tag or something which hopefully won’t be overused.


No. Shitposting, by definition, is shit. There is a thread for those kind of posts.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

> implying YD is good for anything other than shitposting


It could be if people only shitposted where shitposts are meant to be. We’ve got an excellent thing here, it just needs refining if you catch my drift.