Alright im thinking about doing this instead a set of rims.

Find extra two stock mach1 rims. 17x8? i believe they are. Throw 275/40/17 Nitto drag radials on one set. and the other set of rears put some MT ET Streets or more track related rims. Is there a better way about going with this? :dunno


id get some mickey thompsons with slicks and have them for track only wheels in the rear. but i dont have that much money. ill get some 18inch hypercoated black saleens with drag radials out back. since everyon has the chrome bullits now, my new favorite and the wheels ill ultimately get will be the hypercoated saleens. :rock


hypercoated black saleens wtf
? showsa me thattem


I’m just gonna get a set of sticky tires that are good for all around use. Thinking Toyo Proxies or the Goodyear Eagle GS-D3’s


hypercoated saleens… first powdercoated black, then polished to a shine…


They are alright, but 17’s are the best for mustangs. Im still looking. :dunno


but i want to do a bigger overall height out back. ill be like a 305/45/18 (back). or something around there. right now i have stock and it is 205/65/15 i think a wider and taller overall size will be best with a drag radial. and then do 18x9 up front.


ugh, i dont like anyting. :wtf