Should Fascists be deported with Muslims?


Yes, I’m aware. I was agreeing with you.


Good job, me. Reading comprehension skills: 11/10.


Reading about the Pacific Theater, with soldiers having maggots infected in their eyes, was what disabused me of the romanticist notion. Though I still share traits in common with romanticism (and Goethe was great).


Why stop their in all honesty, why not Marxist Leninist who fight under the false premise of “Liberation”. I mean Isis goes around claiming that.


Laugh about it all you want, but what helped kill it from me was to play a videogame, with high realism settings, and then using my imagination to try to picture what if that situation was real. Just think about it.

[details=Summary]>We had captured a German anti-tank gun (World War II, 101st Division, D-Day+8) and had to defend the position. I heard shots from enemy weapons and hid behind some sandbags. Two squadmates, which could have been my friends in a real life scenario, were shot dead right at the start, then hell broke loose. There was gunfire everywhere. I didn’t know where the hell I was being shot at from; the enemy could be heard in 3 different directions, but the bullets were whistling over my head and I couldn’t just stand up and look because I didn’t want to get shot at. So I didn’t even know if I was safe where I was, I just knew I wasn’t dead yet. But what the hell do I do now?

There was smoke and dirt everywhere, from grenades and bullet impacts lifting dirt, and you couldn’t see shit anyway. Screams from dying soldiers, loud swearing, cursing and orders being shout in English and German, dead people on the floor, loud German machinegun fire over my position, enemy weapons heard closer and closer, grenade detonations around… Eventually I made my way out, but that realization was pretty disturbing, and that’s just a freakin’ old videogame - which just happens to be a good one.

And I ended up realizing that it’s not pretty as nationalistic propaganda wants to make you think. Honor? Glory? Those good words hold no meaning in such situations. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s complete, absolute shit. May politicians never find themselves in such situations, because they’d be the first ones to try out the body bags.

I do have a vivid imagination, now that I think about it.[/details]

Well, I never said Romanticism was bad. I really like the depictions of nature it provides. I just feel like it’s better left out of several things.


Tbh, tankies aren’t that bad. For the most part (notice that I said “for the most part”, not “all”), they think people should be left alone, unless they take agression against the Marxist-Leninist government. That’s far more forgiving than what you’d get from ISIS and neo-nazis, and there’s generally no prosecution against people for skin color or religion, or beliefs in supremacy. However, relative to most other socialists, tankies do have a high percentage of reactionaries. Especially stalinists.


I have absolutely no problem with deporting Marxist-Leninists as well, especially since Fascism derived much of it’s politics from them.


Remind me what Azerbaijan,Finland and Georgia did to Lenins government?

Even Tankies adopt a form of Russian supremacy seeing as they look down on Poles and Ukraines. Not to mention they also went after the church.

Also are you Trots still.


But then wouldn’t you have to go?


I’m not a Marxist-Leninist or a Fascist.


If lost track on what you are, remind me.


A nationalist and corporatist.


[quote=“Reckonz2, post:28, topic:112627”]
Remind me what Azerbaijan,Finland and Georgia did to Lenins government?

Even Tankies adopt a form of Russian supremacy seeing as they look down on Poles and Ukraines. Not to mention they also went after the church.[/quote]

Notice that I made an exception for Stalinism. Also, Lenin was out of the government by when that happened and was concerned about Stalin doing those things. It’s one reason he wrote in his testament that Stalin should be put out of the government. The Soviet Union after de-stalinization was a lot more peaceful, though still employing Marxism-Leninism (which was made by Stalin).

Never was…


Ah okay.


No, because citizens have a right not to be deported.


Just as Muslim citizens shouldn’t be deported, neither should fascists


No because citizens are members of the state and ‘of the people’. They have the right to change the course of the nation and redefine it’s values.

I do not oppose Islamic values per se, I oppose the idea that they import it over rather than assimilate to the existing mainstream. If the mainstream moves, that’s fine.

If we’re going to deport people for non-centrist views, we’ll deport 10% of the population each year until we’re left with the person who deports the last living person. All pinkos and rightists would be gone within the first wave.

Although in a utopian world I would like the experiment of nations/continents dedicated to one political view/idea/position and everyone holding it being deported there. A nation for all the Leninists, another nation for all the Stalinists…



You know how many people died because “muh glory”? I can’t understand a man who wants to bring back that shit , a militarised populace or a nation with a strong military tradition in its culture? Sure that’s fine, but I cannot understand that war view


I can only think of one time where that sort of romanticized view of war may have been suggested. And if I can remember, it was just a pathetic and sad post overall. Not sure as to why I posted in that way, but I’ve always known, and beloved, that war ain’t pretty. I’ll try and find it so we can do how cringeworthy it is.