Should Fascists be deported with Muslims?


“Invasion of an anarchist canton is justified because it’s anarchist” -unironic quote by a well versed tank on ULP


@StrangeSignal My god.


Class collaboration???


JFC you act like someone just told you the world was about to end.


Why u traitor socialism


Because socialism is trash, most socialists are trash, and most people in the 21st century are too intelligent to adhere to something which has failed numerous times.


Are you being unironic right now?


Nothing I just stated was false or out-of-context, so I’m going to have to say yes.


I detest genocide fetishists. I say this every time, I am not sure how to make it any more clear because I get this same statement every week or two.

I just see it as ridiculous when you get these types of far righters who try to get around issues like the holocaust.

“Yeah dude, the holocaust didn’t happen so the nazis were da good goys!!.. but yeah I would totally genocide people if I had the chance.”

It’s just hypocrisy really. Either state what you believe, lie about what you believe for political reasons, or stop hedging around the subject and trying to appeal to the fag-right.

As you should be able to tell, I am not a genocide fetishist or a violent racist. And I say that. And I don’t deny the obvious. And I am still far-right and a fash.

Why the hell would I want to play the idiot card? I am not ignorant of the views of my compatriots or the events of the past, yet I still hold my convictions. Is that surprising to you?




scratches head quite the 180, kinda surprised. shrugs


Well yes actually, smokes cigar if you have a basic grasp of socialist praxis most attempts at it never actually carried out the praxis, for various reasons, or there where severe external problems forcing them to abandon the praxis. The only socialist states that still fully standing are authoritarians ones, and that isnt down to socialism being unworkable, its down to the USA quite literally suppressing them, the authoritarians are the only ones tough enough to survive the pressure from a super power. The USSR literally said the reason why they refused to help Allende was because he was unwilling to use authoritarian methods in his regime, and the kgb predicted that the USA will overthrow allende because of it. (which they did)


flav’s eventually going to become a normielib, they all do.


> belongs to an ideology centered around violent racism and genocide fetishism.
> claims not to be those things.



An example would be Venezuela, yes its true it was ruled by socialists but they never actually practised any socialist praxis, they were effectively social democrats following corporatist econ. Otherwise, you have to account for the fact that the private sector expanded under Chavez and Maduro, which is hardly a characteristic of a socialist society by any means.


I thought you knew fascism.


Too influenced by illiberal philosophers (Junger, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sorel, Stirner, etc.) to accept the basic premise that liberalism runs under: rationalism, utilitarianism, and egalitarianism.


I do, which is why I know that Fascism inherently involves those things.


fascism is a Western value, so what are u you talking about?


And yet you refer to them as your compatriots, and willingly associate yourself with an ideological cause which is represented in reality by a political movement filled with those with genocidal intentions.

You’ve spoken time and time again about not wanting to deport your friends, and of spending time in the Arab world and claiming to have respect for them, but you support the political movements that act against them. You can hold your own views separate to the genocidal idiots within the ranks of the movement and I can somewhat respect that, but if you saw it as such a serious issue you’d disavow the movement as it acts today altogether and back another. Clearly not.

No, because I’m not one to go in with caricaturial views of the extreme right. I used to be quite sympathetic to the causes myself, and for some time I considered myself a traditionalist and a nationalist.