Should Fascists be deported with Muslims?



It’s worse than I remember!


It arose from the West. That does not make it a “Western value”. Most ‘Western values’ come from the liberal Enlightenment and the ideas arising from the French Revolution.


Let’s flip this for a sec; if you were in my position and held my convictions, what would you do?


Right, I would prefer if they moved on their own volition to aid their home nations.

Yeah, you could say that.

Which? And how?


so you agree with Stalinism then - that’s quite the irony!


Never said I agreed with Stalin… it would have been better if that son of a bitch had died in battle or something when he was a mere commander.

Then again, expecting rationality and intelligence from you of all people, would be quite a disappointment.


Of course. Stalin did nothing wrong.



you quoted the French Revolution, saying Western values stemmed from it - this gave rise to Marx and Stalin - looks like you’s a cherry pickin there boy…!


You have impressed me Martina, genuinely have impressed me with how fucking moronic you are. I think we should put her in for the Guinness world records for incoherent and moronic posts.


The French Revolution gave rise to everything that happened after it. At long last, I have found the answers. The perfect theory of human history.


No more than Marxism.

Fascism was a “heretical” form of syndicalism and Marxism with it’s origins in the modernist movement. One of the first novels which can be identified as Fascist, Mafarka le futuriste, glorifies Oriental brutality and character. It’s thoroughly non-Western in character, if we look at the West both today and in the time that it was created.


Faced with the hypothetical choice of either a movement that advocates genocide or a movement that doesn’t but I could at least tolerate it, I’d weigh up whether I wanted my end goal enough to warrant siding with racially motivated genocide fetishists.

It’s not my place to decide that for you, especially since I’d rather you disavowed the extreme right altogether.


Oh Martina
I love you


I can’t though.

My point is no such movement exists, so I have to utilize those who may be useful.