Should I except the new job offer?


Here is my delima. The job I have now is boring, really not learning anything new and is not challenging, yet I make alot of money doing it.

They (the co. I work for) just offer me a new job with more responsibility, plus I get the weekends and holidays off. Problem is they didn’t offer me what I make now with overtime and holiday pay.

what should I do? should I except the new position and hope I get a decent pay raise down the road?

I’m trying to negotiate with my boss, but I dont think he will offer me anymore then what has already been offerd.

I dont think I should have to take a pay cut just for a better job. It’s weird because I have been doing this same job for a while and have gotten a few hefty pay raises out of it. But it will eventually be pahsed out after a few more years. This sucks.


humm. it just depends on your finances. If you and your woman work and bring in good money and there is some to spare, then start the new job… Joe did that. He left titlemax and went to start a business making way less, but now he makes twice what he did make and he loves his job. It just depends on what your bills are like in your house.


It also depends on where you work. I was facing a similar situation not even a year ago. I opted to hold out and it worked out for me. I eneded up with more responsibility but I got the pay to compensate and I also got to keep the option of working mucho overtime. So I went from @$11.00/hr to @$14.00 plus I got to keep the o.t… :rock


I’ve asked for more money. They will let me know on tuesday.

I will proabbly except the job offer but hope they will bump the base salary up.
I’ve worked an hourly wage for years and also get more money for working at night. I also get paid Holiday pay when I work on holidays plus sunday premium pay plus all the fricckin overtime because there to cheap to hire more people. So it adds up to alot of extra earnings.

Will see ,cross your fingers, and if you come across a Buddah at your local chinese dive, rub its belly and think of me. :smiley: It’s supposed to bring godd fortune financialy.


is it a significant pay drop? It sounds like the new job has better promise for moving up and raises etc.


It’s a major pay drop. I am confident they will raise it up. The lead tech was offerd more money to stay so they are going to reevaluate the job description. I have some experience with the job that I applied for but alot of it is “Here’s the manual read it and install the program” type stuff.


hey, good luck, and i dont think any buddahs ar3 aaround here