Should i or shouldn't i?

let me explain for the non brits first…our football is divided up into 4 leagues…now the premiership is just that,the best teams,if you finish in the bottom 3 you get relegated into the championship with 3 teams going up to the premiership…well some years ago my club got relegated,mainly due to huge financial difficulties…we’re just started to recover now after nearly ten years

now then…one of the biggest and best supported clubs in england…newcastle united…is in the bottom 3 with time running out fast

my question is…should i log onto a newcastle united forum and give them directions and parking advice for our stadium?..i’m sure i’d be popular:ninja

If they can’t take a joke…:kneeljoe:

very passionate about they’re team are geordies

Sure, why not?

They are the best fans in the country after all! :ninja