Should junkie beggars be arrested?


seriously, my yown centre is infested with these parasites - surely the police ought to arrest them all? And why the fuck do people keep on giving them money??


In my city beggars would offer to do things for money, but you end up paying them not to because you know they will want to. It’s like blackmail lol.
"I’ll spit wash your car for two dollars."
Ew gross here’s $2 just go away.


so how comes the police don’t nab em anymore, they used to get Asbo’s back in the day, but now , what with the libs and EU taking over, we just get a begging free for all


And conservatives wonder why people think they don’t care about the poor.


beggars aren 't more, many make at least 50-100 each day, more than many workers


I very seriously doubt that. Regardless, being homeless also means bad credit and debt, not just being poor.


if you doubt it then you’ve never met a real beggar


It’s not the good beggars that are the problem, it’s the bad ones. The good ones aren’t a nuisance because they have a good act, but the bad ones just annoy people.


I have.


there’s no act as such, not busking, just asking people for spare change - these folks get a lot of money, so why do people keep giving, obvious that most are on drug or booze -


There’s a crime ring in Romania who use the eus open borders to insert “homeless” people to beg in various countries, it is a big business for them.


Government action on homelessness is pretty shitty, and it’s hard to deny that. Whether it’s from the perspective of the hardliners who just want to clean up their streets, or from the perspective of those who just want to help these people, it pretty much fails on both fronts. Homelessness may be down from its peak in the Blair years, but it’s been steadily going up since 2010. The 2016 Homelessness Reduction Bill is admirable in its aims, and indeed reducing the timescale in which local authorities can act is fair enough, but the amount of funding given to reducing homelessness across the UK is pocket change.

In my own opinion, the government should work with local authorities and charities (local, national and international alike) to revamp the UK’s approach towards homelessness. Utilise the money currently in circulation – and, if needed, more money – to purchase easy-to-construct homes (shipping containers, cheap caravans, etc.) so as to create drug-free and alcohol-free areas that the homeless can access and receive services from. (Community participation would be vital for re-integration purposes.) Of course, it shouldn’t just be a case of special treatment. Mental health services, drug rehabilitation services, welfare reform, drug laws, housing policy, etc. in general – for all sections of society – need to be improved in the UK.

As for whether the police should arrest them, under current laws I’d be a bit iffy towards it because of our drug policies and whatnot. I’d openly be in favour of allowing the police to detain addicts for the purpose of rehabilitation in general though. Whether you think they’re victims or not (I don’t really care), the purpose of government policy should be to help them and in doing so protect wider society too.


for sure, but most of the ‘beggars’ in my town are Brits - raking it in they are, so why keep giving?


I doubt that the majority of homeless people are a part of a Romanian crime ring.


true, the majority are Brits,- that is , those on the streets begging anyway - yet they get good coin, more than a min wage job for sure, so why bash the welfare people??


Conservatives are the ones that bash welfare people.


sure they do but they also give a lot of money to beggars - so how does that add up??


“You should go to jail for being poor and crippled with an addiction” - The man of ultimate wisdom


no , you should be arrested for begging - why you need the money is irrelevant


Evidently not, because if they didn’t need the money, they wouldn’t be begging.