Should junkie beggars be arrested?


they need the money for drugs, so why should the public be deceived in this way, it’s basically theft and should be outlawed (and enforced)


It’s not theft if you consent.


Their choice to give money, if you can’t stumble upon the possibility that this will not go into the beggar’s cash ISA and instead on drugs, then you’re moron and I have little sympathy for you.


well it may be true that many givers are a little naiive, but this does take money from the pity pot, thus leaving the genuinely destitute even worse off


There’s naivety and then there’s retardation.

Implying they’re not also destitute


alot of the junkie beggars have accommodation


I wouldn’t count ‘under the sign outside Tesco Express’ accommodation.

Unless you’re counting homeless shelters, in which case the “genuinely destitute” also have accommodation, and your previous statement falls to the ground.


a lot have council flats or stay with buddies


[Citation needed]


no, a citation is not needed here.


It is, you’ve made a statement which states a ‘fact’, if you have no evidence of this, then you’re, by default, bullshitting.


citation needed


When you don’t understand the rules of debate.


“To determine a fact is to decide, from the evidence, whether something existed or some event occurred” - W A Wilson, ‘A Note on Fact and Law’ (1963) 26 MLR 609, at p 613.


"Many homeless people don’t beg and the council and its partners are aware that many of those begging on Southampton’s streets are not homeless.


That source doesn’t actually give any hard evidence, just opinions in quotation marks.


and so having read that, how about not dodging the topic and back onto the debate

that being, considering most of these parasites actually have places to live, they should not be allowed to decieve the public, little old ladies and that


>not understanding the concept of organic conversation


A man banned from begging anywhere in London after it emerged he was earning £50,000 a year and living in a £300,000 flat has been arrested - after allegedly begging again.

Simon Wright, 37, was handed an Asbo after magistrates heard how he would sit wearing ragged clothes outside NatWest bank in Putney High Street with a hand-written “homeless and hungry” sign before returning to his smart housing association home in Fulham.

But at around 6.10pm last night he was picked up by police after allegedly being spotted pestering commuters for spare change near Putney Bridge Tube station.


yawn, just deal with the topic, there’s 2 links I’ve given you plus a shitload more with even just a 10 second search, not to mention just real life wisdom


How is that relevant to the majority of homeless people?

That’s like saying all Germans/Austrians are Nazis because hurr durr Hitler