Should junkie beggars be arrested?


the thread is about ‘junkie beggars’ , not homeless people


Which I’ve addressed

It’s not my job to prove you right, do your own research

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(Also I’ve been homeless before so your “real life wisdom” can suck my dick)


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Yes, the state should intervene and spend money making already miserable peoples’ lives worse by imprisoning them temporarily so that they can go back out on the street and we can start the process over again.


Public drug rehabilitation, communal hostel housing, P.O. box subsidies, and legal/financial education classes are all great substitutes in a budget for arresting the homeless.



have you ever actually seen one of these places though, I mean in general, it is safer to sleep on the streets!


Nothing reeks of a sheltered, upper-middle (possibly upper) class upbringing like this. To have such disdain for these people is sick and shows a disconnection from reality. Begging should not be illegal, it might be annoying when you know half of them are using the money for drugs but it shouldn’t be illegal. It’s also worth noting many homeless people weren’t heavy into drugs before they became homeless. If I was out on the streets for years with nothing to do, I can’t imagine what I’d do to bring some joy to my life.

Rehabilitation is the way to go. I’ve seen the effect of rehabilitation vs lockup in my local area with people I used to know. The ones who end up getting locked up just repeat the cycle. I’ve actually seen positive change in the ones put into rehab centres.


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Hardly the way to get yourself off the streets though is it - I mean, which action is more likely to sort yourself out

  1. Get wasted on white cider 7 times a wk
  2. Inject yourself with heroin in the car park


  1. Stay straight and try to keep it together


This ignores and over simplifies some and many of the tremendous barriers to entry of the workforce the homeless face.


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work has nothing to do with it - ie just because you are jobless does not mean you need to become a junkie or wino, come on that’s pathetic


That’s true, however there are things that can be done as to assist the majority of the homeless who are unemployed (Around 44% are employed) and are suffering from drug addiction and/or reliance. Your viewpoint is unproductive in the sense that it seeks to punish those in a poor position by depriving them of aid. It is likely much more productive for society and for the homeless to become more involved in the workforce and in a healthier lifestyle.