Should junkie beggars be arrested?


Aside from the obvious bait, what is “higher class”? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - nobodies more full of shit than most of the rich and those who deem themselves higher class. I don’t see the attraction in shit talking friends in your social circle with less money (as the upper middle class, and even middle class - do a lot).


what, and you mean you actually know any upper middle class folk who hang out with the workers?? yeah right, pull the other one honey


YES! The towns are being taken over by them. Soon enough the economies will crash, or the police will police again. The only question is, what happens first!?


Yeah we should arrest people for existing and asking others for things/money. If they also happen to be homeless then I guess it’s just a life sentence since we’re not going to give them any chance to get on their feet.


Repeat offenders should be institutionalized and/or housed in a community isolated from metropolitan life. I don’t see very much good coming out of arresting them and locking them away somewhere.


Wouldn’t we have to support them with our taxpayer money if they all get sent to jail though…?