Should PE be compulsory?


Should PE be compulsory? In the UK it’s two hours a week until you leave Year 11 but I’ve haggled it down to one hour because I do extra Maths and English instead.

From what I’ve experienced in PE all throughout school, it has been a total waste of time in which I could’ve improved my grades in core subjects by having extra lessons. Nobody even takes part in it anyway so you may aswell just be in bed for an extra hour.

What do you think? Should PE be made more useful by actually doing things like weights and rowing (gym equipment basically) or should it be made a choice entirely?


Leave it to the schools to decide.


For the health of the students, yes.


But what if students decide not to participate (as is the case in the UK) and wouldn’t it be better giving children extra time to spend on their Maths and English instead of doing something that is wasting your education time?


If they don’t participate they get a bad grade. Oh well. And no, you guys spend plenty of time in a dreary classroom.


Lol are you actually kidding me? Who gets grades for PE lol and plus parents only care about the subjects you need.

Also, I don’t know if PE in America includes glee dance workshops but in the UK it consists of one lesson a week playing soccer/rugby on flooded grass pitches. That’s why most people in the UK have a negative view/memory of PE.

At least in America it’s sunny


PE in America is graded, where I am its a mandatory 3 years. Nothing but physical activity, whether its weights, badmitton, soccer, football, whatever.


From year 10 onwards I’ve been allowed to choose but I still do extra maths instead because I see PE as pointless.

What is the point in grading it though literally


The point of grading it is to ensure participation.


But do parents actually care about a grade in PE? My parents literally couldn’t give a toss (we get an effort grade), they only care about my core subjects


2 hours a week isn’t much. I used to do it one hour a day till year 11 in HS.

IMO HighSchool Mathematics and HighSchool English aren’t hard enough to justify skipping P.E at all. You don’t need every waking hour of the week to do well in those subjects and if 2 hours a week is enough to negetivily impact your grade in both the aforementioned subjects then the problem is much deeper than just the time you spend on P.E.

It’s also worth mentioning that if P.E were to get abolished the majority of youth would probably be more interested in socializing/fooling around as opposed to actually doing work.

If the problem is deeper (e.g. you have to work to support your family so the 2 hours would actually help you) then I would think it fair to be excused after explaining your situation to the school. Otherwise I think you’re just being lazy.


If I’m honest people want As and if they are working at say a C at the start of year 11 then as long as they work hard and produce evidence in these lessons then they should be excused.


My situation is right now in maths I am at a Grade 3 and I want to be at a Grade 5 minimum at the end of this year. I am spending 1 hour after school as well as the 1 hour extra hour I get in school to achieve this, and honestly I cover around two topics every hour. It is great.


Eh, TBH that doesn’t sit well with me. Sometimes in life you have obligations that you must fulfill and sometimes they get in the way of what you want to do.

Most of the time it’s not as easy as getting excused either. IMO allowing kids to be excused for what you’re describing is setting them up for failure in the future.

That’s just me though. I’m not in the UK so it’s not like my opinion on the subject matters anyway. Good luck with trying to get excused from P.E though :^)


No, I’ve been excused for the past two years :slight_smile:

Last year I was excused for both lessons but for some reason this year (not that there was a rule change) I’ve only been allowed to be excused for one.

Luckily it’s not too bad because we just go in the gym :slight_smile:


It was also because I straight up told them that PE was a waste of time and I wouldn’t participate anyway.


You can fail a year as a result or fail to graduate if you don’t meet your credit requirement, so yes parents would care.


The American education system is nasty.


It’s not nasty for expecting students to take part in some sort of physical exercise. It’s actually nasty that the UK doesn’t, especially considering the UK has a higher obesity rate than the US.


You should see the emotional damage that is caused when people are made to share changing rooms (e.g. bullying and sexuality) the least the govt could do is provide cubicles.