Should PE be compulsory?


I only have anecdotal evidence but 4 years of sharing changing rooms has not mentally scarred me or something.


I’m talking about people who have a different sexuality. Also people who have self confidence problems with their bodies.


I have self confidence issues with my body. I’m fat and was even fatter in school.


Yes I don’t know if it’s because you somehow don’t have bullies in America but everyone is different and if people have self confidence issues and are likely to be bullied then they should be able to get changed in the toilets. It’s not hard.


Im not familiar with the structure of the british schooling system, as far as i am aware its very different from that of ireland, but i would say that once a person has attained a certain level of secondary education they are free to pursue whatever subjects they wish , as to enter university instead of the current system were we force people into years , slower people or people who are simply immature suffer alot , medium people do ok, and really smart people are severely held back and often bored. There are people who are 15 who are effectively ready to pursue university level education, and there are people graduating at the age of 18-19 in secondary school here when they should still be in school for another 2-3 years at least!.


They are allowed to do that.


Well, we need to make sure we are somewhat healthy


That should be put down to the parents, because as you know students eat and exercise the most out of school.


Can I change that to “Eat the most and don’t exercise?”

Lots of people don’t exercise outside of school, and need some type of exercise. [quote=“Underscore, post:28, topic:107850”]
That should be put down to the parents

My understanding is that most parents can opt their children out of P.E. Most don’t


the UK government says you must do 1-2 hours of compulsory PE a week.

Even then 1hrs a week is nowhere near enough (when really you spend 30 mins actually exercising, because it takes 20 mins to get everyone changed, registered and then out/in).


30 > 0

Maybe, but there’s probably a way out of it


Well of course but you must have a good excuse (like the one I use)

Still the lesson would be better spent learning for a full hour, no?


Then the issue wouldn’t be whether PE is compulsory, but about making it more efficient


My high and middle school had Health and PE as the same class- one day you went to PE to exercise, the next you went to Health to learn in a classroom, and both only add up to one semester. You have to take at least Health/PE 1+2, and any other fitness courses are optional.
I think it should be that way, physical fitness will always be important to maintain, and in Health 1 we were taught CPR/First aid, sex ed, and dietary guidelines, and in 2 we we’re taught about drug abuse and mental illness, and given you have 4 years of high school, two single semester classes (that are easy to ace as well) is nothing big.


Should be mandatory. Here in them US it is, but I can say, at least from my high school I attended, it was complete shit. From what I heard about it, you do 10 push-ups and other small tasks for the first 5 minutes. Then you got to do whatever the hell you wanted. It should be stricter and more of an actual exercise class.


PE for me now is just an opportunity to piss around for an hour. My friends and I were playing “table tennis” but we were running around the hall seeing how hard we could wang the table tennis ball at each other. The teachers were watching us but couldn’t give a toss.


I have actually started enjoying PE where we get to actually go into the gym. It is fun when you can choose which activity (e.g. rowing match or treadmill) you want to do.


Exactly how it is in my school.


Our classes were an hour long, ten minutes were drills like the pushups you were talking about, then whatever our unit was (units were sports)


Well, I do think exercise is really, really important so PE is important. I think it should be at least an hour. If you get involved and sweat a little, it’s healthy for you. Sitting on your ass all day, doing nothing but study means you get unhealthy. Not only does exercise make you fit, it also destresses you! Exercise is just so so vital, especially in a generation where all we do is use our devices.

This is coming from someone who does a lot a sport though.