Should Roads be privatised?


I have started this thread because my thread on the Non Aggression Principle was kind of turning into a Roads debate. As a Minarchist I support privatisation of everything apart from Courts, Police and Defence. So, should Roads be privatised or not? Please offer your opinion.


Naw man. Roads need to be public domain because charging a fee for simply walking is quite ridiculous and excessive. Additionally, the homeless would have no place to exist. This is not to say that toll routes shouldn’t be a thing in certain scenarios, but for all roads to be privatized is excessive and would become monopolistic (through isolating locations).


Fuck no. Im not gonna pay a fucking 10 dollar fee to go to work.


What benefits would road private roads bring? I dont see any. Toll roads are bad enough as it is. Its just another way for the rich to pay less in to a system which they benefit the most from.


No. Roads are public goods. As public goods, there are rights of people from various background and classes (poor-rich) that need to be fullfilled. If they are privatised, only the rich can pay it.


The fact that it is voluntary. Everything in the private sector is voluntary, everything in the public is coercive.


Rights can only exist in a negative context, the freedom from. The right to roads is a false claim.


You don’t have to, you don’t have to pay ten dollars to get a sandwich. Market competition.


There is only one road that gets me to work on time. Whoever owns that road can charge as much as they want and I will be helpless.


Care to expand on this?


All transactions that take place in the private sector are voluntary. Is that so hard to understand?


That won’t happen because people will be looking to make money. Therefore new roads will spring up and offer different prices.


This is a common issue with free market thinking. The busy worker does not have time to go out and find a new road, plan a new route, take a longer transit time, and reschedule their day around it. Capitalism doesn’t account for two important variables: time, and distance.


Except no, that’s not the case. To make the claim that all transactions that take place in the private sector are voluntary is just ludicrous and thinking typical of an an-cap that has no grasp on reality in the slightest.

The relationship between boss and worker, for instance, takes place within the private sector; and I can tell you right now that working for a fee under capitalism is not voluntary. To survive under capitalism you must work, so that you can receive money. We need money to purchase things like shelter, food and other basic necessities to live. Living in that state doesn’t sound very voluntary to me.

Roads should not be privatised. To do so would empower capitalists and give them total control over our modes of transport; something that I do not favour. It would give them authority and control over something that should belong to the community. Roads should belong to the community, not one private investor, who can decide to hike the price to whatever suits their capitalistic greed.


The answer is no. The roads should be a public good. Everyone should have access to them. The cost of maintenance and construction should be covered by the state’s budget which is formed by civilians’ taxes which tend and should vary depending on their income. So everyone would pay eventually for the road but depending on what they earn. With public roads everyone pays the same and poor become poorer and rich become richer.

Moreover, with privatised roads the total cost rises and rises too much. Some of us do not imagine how much. My father is civil engineer in roads and highways construction which are made and operated by private companies. I can tell you that roads are overcharged x4-x5 at least and these money of course comes from taxes. So private roads are just another chance for millionaires and companies to make even more money.

Roads should be public.