Should there be a salary cap on football players?


Look. I partially agree with you and all but it’s not just kicking a ball. Football is a really physically tolling game. I play plenty of sports and tennis and football are probably among some of the more physically tolling. You literally get bashed constantly. It takes a lot more skill than “kicking a ball”. If it was just “kicking a ball” you’d see a lot more players, and you’d see the famous ones being paid less.

This is really quite mean. Football players are pretty giving, deserving and compassionate people. Firstly, they play a game where they bring nations together. Nations. The whole of Australia comes together to watch the NRL. It’s a giant game where different people from the country support different teams and in the end, they’re all friends and all it does is create a competitive atmosphere and something to talk about and it’s just fantastic. It brings people together and that is a pretty damn awesome thing in a world that is so divided. That can’t happen without the players and their sportsmanship.

Second, my dad works for a company in NRL. They are a charity organisation that gives back to the NRL community. They aid, the give, the donate, they host. Ex football players join the organisation and donate and it is a beautiful organisation created by the NRL community and they give back and insinuating that these men aren’t great compared to the “giving, deserving, compassionate” people is just wrong. They do as much as they can. But they still need money to support themselves and their families. Plenty of the players themselves donate to charities or have their own charities.

And anyway, if you really think it’s that easy to play the sport, why don’t you rock up to a game and come up against some of these teams? They’re athletes and I believe they earn every penny.