Should we put shame on us all? We burden our children


Should we put shame on us all? We burden our children.

It is said that all parents hurt their children in some way or another. This is true, inadvertently.

No sane parent plans to intentionally hurt their children. Except, shamefully, in these enlightened times.

We are showing ourselves to be quite callous. Perhaps this is not the brightest thing to do.

We intentionally pass on our negative biases to our children and continue to pass on our war mongering ways and debt.

I hope, like me; you do not take pride in passing on debt, a polluted world, continuing strife in issues that should have been resolved hundreds of years ago, homophobia, misogyny etc.

If we were half as bright as we think we are, none of us would be passing on our responsibilities and creating hardship for our progeny.

I have no way to effect mass change and am thus a prisoner to my shame.

I thought some might share theirs with me.

Caring seems to be at a low point these days.

Polarization is evil as it inhibits caring.

Shame reduces polarization.

Share your shame.

It is sharing love.



I disagree fundamentally. I would be murdering my child if I gave him no burden or struggle; struggle is what make men great. Rome did not come into existence because fools like you cried existential meaninglessness and self hatred, Rome came to greatness because men gave meaning to life and loved themselves. Life is not inherently meaningful or good, but that does not mean it has no meaning or goodness. We must create meaning and goodness, and encourage greatness, for all the individual to follow, so then he may live life well; however it is wrong to not give that life any chance at all because of some fool’s idea of altruism. What you propose is fundamentally immoral and unnatural.


You do not think your children will find their own challenges in life and that your greed is required to give them whatever you think their challenges should be.

But hey, if you are correct, then why not cut off a hand or two so as to challenge your child that much more and from your view, that much better and more morally.



You’re right! Lets cut off all the kids hands. You know your are a genius. You somehow manage to make everything a strawman; truly the most skilled speaker here.


In engineering, we prove concepts by bringing them to both extremes.

Call what I put whatever your ego need to not admit your notion was stupid.

My bottom line is that it is immoral for you and all of us to pass on our debts and other problems that we have created on to our children.



In real life we understand that morals and logic cannot exist in the same vacuum. Which is why we don’t push morals to the extreme.

Call what I put whatever your ego need to not admit your notion was stupid.

My bottom line is that it is illogical and immortal for you and all of us to stop reproducing to feel a false sense of altruistic joy and other false notions of bliss that weak minded individuals so do crave for themselves.


The problems that our children will face will mostly be a result of solutions to the problems that our parents left us with. Solutions to problems create new problems, those problems in turn are soluble. We can’t solve all problems before our children come into the world, we aren’t angels, we shouldn’t feel ashamed about that.


What does that mean?


Morals do not and cannot be equated as the same thing as logic; which is why you cannot push them to the same degrees of extremes, as you will only be left with terrible ideals.


I don’t understand what you mean though, in what way are they not equal? It’s like if I said “capatilsm can not be equated to communism”, without any explanation of what I mean I’m not communicating anything understandable. Are you saying that morality is not real and logic is? And what do you mean by logic is pushed to extremes?


Simply put, he is putting apples to oranges.


Thanks for the garbage GriffinO.



True, but we should fell shame that we follow so closely in our father’s footsteps while complaining about what they have done to us.



Do you mean me?

If so, get the quote as I do not recall doing something that silly.

I think you are talking to yourself and getting confused.



Listen man, I know you’re afraid of looking like a dunce, however you’re just digging deeper. You can’t even address an argument without making a strawman. Just concede the point; no reason for you to continue your ad hominem.


No quote eh.

That is all I need to show you up as a liar.



Who suggested this idiocy?



How do you suppose we instill shame on the youth? Can you be clearer on how shame decreases polarization? How have you shared your shame in your life?


What if you have a culture that logically agrees that morals are to be accounted in logical decisions, or that logic is to be accounted in moral decisions?


Shame our youth?

You misunderstand. It is not our youth who are passing up the mess and debt. It is us adults.

We need to feel the shame, and in a sense, if our youth, I don’t know, from about 15 or 16 years old, if not youngers, do not show some disappointment in their parents, and our poor moral, then they might need a bit of shame, now that you mentioned shame on children, — which aspect I had not thought about, — may also deserve a bit of shame. That shame though should rightly go to parents who are passing down their poor morality to their kids.

That is a bit like victim blaming and likely why I had not thought of it.

How old are you and who do you think our youth should bear some shame or should it all go to my intended target which is the parents?