Sic draggin video


this one is brought to you by Low Life Video:


looks like a wild and fun crowd


aww dood! truck dragging sessions are fun as hell. :rock


that looks pretty cool. but isnt that dangerous to anything on the truck or are they mostly show trucks. never saw that in person


nah its not really dangerous. most of the time people have drag blocks welded to the frame of their trucks so they dont ruin them. the titanium blocks are cool as hell cause they emit white sparks :smiley:


lol ok i get it. so there really not dragging the frame of the truck. now what about the gas tank and the sparks.


most of the time they relocate them to the bed and use fuel cells.


Re: RE: sic draggin video

Not at all, I don’t know how many times I’ve been behind BDNs friend Wes when he was draggin down Coliseum Blvd. :rock