Sick of being tired

I am sick of being tired all the time. Can anyone give me some suggestions of how to keep your energy level high?

Maybe you have CFS like my missus? Have you been to the doctor about this, maybe you should.:slight_smile:

I suspected it before so I asked a doctor, but the doctor said there were three things I could do: excercise, eat health food and sex. They are common sense but I ended up being more tired if I had sex and went to the gym. waaaaa *cry

No offense but your doctor is talking crap! We’ve heard that so many times from doctors. The fact is that a lot of doctors don’t accept or understand CFS and exercising when you’ve got it is just going to make you worse. I would suggest that maybe you get in touch with a CFS specialist and/or a local CFS group.:slight_smile:

You mentioned that your missus has CFS, what did she do to get over it? Or is she feeling better?

She hasn’t got over it and is not feeling better. There is no cure for it although people find things which help it, it just varies form person to person, We deal with it by knowing her limits and not trying to push it past that.:slight_smile:

What a coincidence, I’m tired of being sick :-p

But seriously, you probably need to get more sleep, get a better night’s sleep, etc. Look for irregularities in your sleeping routine, they might be a cause.
Or your diet could be another cause. Eat balanced meals, and a vitamin is a good idea, too. Go heavy on carbs, since they are the body’s primary fuel source and all.

Health is everything. Best luck to everyone who suffers the same symptoms.