Please, for the love of God, don’t make them obnoxiously large. Doing so will only cause people to block signatures, then they won’t see it at all.


Is mine ok Joe? haha


Why is it that certain siggy pics are stored as cookies and they just pop right up when I open a page and then others have to load EVERY time I open a page that has it on it?


Probably has to do with the one’s that are hosted on offtopicz vs those that are hotlinked elsewhere. Just a guess though.


ok, ill remove it joe :dunno

i dont feel like choppin it up :tard


just open it up in windows paint :confused: I’ll reduce it for you if I need to man.


nah, im good :smiley:

it was kinda lame anyways :tard


is mine sig. to big. if so ill get rid of it. im tired of it anyway.


yours is fine. I have no idea what he was talking about though… see i had to work a 12 hour day! LOL So I havent been on the internet all day!


mines big but not too big ey? iused lemons as a reference


how do you get hosting from offtopicz?

I have a thing or 2 I’d like to add to my nonexisting sig


Re: RE: Signatures

[quote=Ryum]how do you get hosting from offtopicz?

I have a thing or 2 I’d like to add to my nonexisting sig[/quote]

right up there under the banner you will see this

Main • Forums • Games • Lottery • Album • Chat Profile • You have no new messages • Log out [ Haus ]

click on the album one and then go to your personal gallery. from there you can upload a pic to your album from your hard drive. and then after that it will give you a link. i just take off the html at the end and put jpg and copy and paste that link with the tags around your link and go to your profile and put it in the place where you can add a sig. if i let anything else im sure someone else can chime in. Mdvaldosta(site owner) also has free image hosting site you can check out. not sure on the link tho


grr it’s to big
716,239 bytes
soo close

but thanks for the info, will try to find something different

anyone know how to change .18 image to .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .swf, or .png