Silver Lining

I need to think about the tons of positive stuff today, just because I’m in a bad mood. Thought you could all join in by posting one thing in your life that’s making you really happy right now.

Me: I’ve lost 15-20 lbs since the fall :smiley: Riding a bike is good for the environment and you… except all the times I slipped on the ice!

My family. :slight_smile:

No school on Friday!!! (Surely you are off too?)

It’s a long weekend and I have a beautiful daughter to enjoy it with!

Uhmmmm… two days off to do errands… whoopie… :slight_smile:

Easter Eggs sunday.

I have finally discovered what happens when you cross an elephant with a tomato!

Dominic’s next tooth is almost in.

Hmmm my knee hurts, my hand hurts, I have cramps, I didn’t sleep at all last night…wait positive?

I’m alive! YAY