Sin City


anyone else see it…I just got back from seeing and thought the movie rocked…the way it was done was bad ass…I give it 2 thumbs up a must see


I been waiting for some one to go see it … Its looks good :lol :lol :lol


it is good


I’m looking forward to it.


you should


I want to see that as well. It looks “different” than other movies.


I want to see it too, it won’t get over here for another week or so. I heard it was scary too.


You thought The Little Mermaid was scary Odis.




Re: RE: Sin City

:laughing That just reminded me of “Malcom in the Middle” last night. The Dad isn’t allowed to watch scary movies because they freak him out, but the Mom was out of town for a week so he watched scary movies with Reese. Oh teh hilarity that ensued. LMAO!!!


I missed that one. I love teh scary movies though. Gonna take a female “friend” of mine to see Cursed tomorrow.


I didn’t think there was anything scary about it…just a good flick