Site lag:


Do you do normal maintenance in the middle of the night? It’s really slow now for some reason. I checked the ping return, and I only get 2 out of 4 packets returned, and they’re around 80ms. :dunno :dunno

I’m just curious. Do you have a dedicated server, or is it leased space from a company?

Pardon my internet ignorance. I’ve just never built a website before.


its leased space, last night up to about 12:30 est I was doing some game testing - uploading and downloading alot of stuff. other than that, I’ve heard the site’s slow in the early morning hours. I’ll contact the server company and ask whats up.
edit I submitted a trouble ticked for this, he usually gets back to me within a day so I’ll keep you postified.


It was really slow yesterday morning. :frowning:


that was me again sowwy


yeah, i have lots of trouble early in the morning


I also thought it seemed real slow in the morning… then I realized it was only me that was slow. :tard


I see. Since I’m out in PST, I guess I miss the normal slow mornings. I don’t normally get on till around noon Pacific, and that’s 3pm Eastern.