Six Flags in Houston CLOSING!


Forever! IS it because of the death that they had? Thats crazy!


When is the last time you went there??? That is a bad area, alot of people get robbed and killed around there.


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Gosh, the last time I was there was probably when I was like 12 -13 yrs old. You do the math because Im not telling everyone else how old I am. :smiley:


they need to close the one by DC too just for that same reason


My brother lives there and its not a good area that why the astro dome was torn down and a new one built in the iner city … Houston isnt a good place but that Astro world wont be missed …




WTF!? I’m 2 1/2 hours from there and it’s the closest Six Flags to where I am. That’s SO GAY! We were planning a trip there for my friggin’ birthday next month. I guess I’ll have to resort to the casinos at Lake Charles. Man, I’m mad now. I guess it’s good to know that now so I can replan my birthday.


Was that the one where some kid went on a water ride, and then he climbed out of the car and got pulled under the conveyor belt and drowned??


I dont know Viper


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So Project your in Texas were at ???


No, I live in Ft. Polk, LA.


I didn’t hear about this at all! What happened that was so bad that now they’re closing?


Just come to Altanta. We still have one.


All they have in Texas are steers and queers


no its being closed and sold to pay for debts that they have


maybe Ceder point will buy some of the rides