Slipknot sueing Burger King


What a bunch if crybabies!


holy crap… those dudes are ugly… but good music. lol


Hahaha Slipknot is gonna win that shit.


Thats teh coolest.


Slipknot rocks I saw them at the Barrymore theator in Madison WI :rock


Slipknot ain’t ugly.


Re: RE: Slipknot sueing Burger King

They are scary as hell!


To a 2 year old :tard


Haha, that’s funny! The first time I saw that commercial, I thought, hmmm that kinda reminds me of slipknot. :smiley: I think it’s kinda stupid to say that BK was doing it to sell chicken fries to the “slipknot generation” though. It’s a weird lawsuit nonetheless.

And Slipknot aren’t really all that nice to look at, but I love some of their songs. :rock


Dude, my friend said Slipknot’s only suing BK to get free fucking Chicken Fries. What the fuck :lol


And just how does your 14 yr old friend know this?


Ok one, not all my fucking friends are 14 so don’t jump to conclusions. Two, anyone could just guess that. Three he’s 21. And Four, He was just fucking around.


You know what?
Im not stooping to your level.


slipknot makes awsome music i have all their albums


Amen. I have Volume 3, Subliminal Verses.


LOL, thats great. Slipknot is a great band.


I like their music…but I agree…what a bunch of cry babies


How are they cry babies. They stole the masks. Copyright infringement bitch.


do you know how many bands wear masks? they aren’t the only ones.


Re: RE: Slipknot sueing Burger King

they are cry babies, cuz they dont want to be copyrighted… whats the problem… they have every right to sue, but whats the point? they are still a band, they still are going to wear the masks, and people will still be fans… get over it… not that i like burger king doing such an action, and i would sue over it, but why make the case public… it just makes em look stupid…both sides…