Slk 350


I fell in love with a SLK 350 Mercedes Convertible… Damn what a nice ride and awsome enginering. 272 HP that just seems to be neverending power. Anyone else drive one?

Click linky…


What people in here talk about Hondas but mention a Mercedes and there keyboards get locked up :dunno


Im not the biggest fan of the SLk (to small, i prefer a bigger car (like a CLK or a SL))

But they are a really nice car other wise, The AMG is amazing, and the new styling is very nice


They handle awsome great fun car :gears


I’d take any Mercedes!!!

:gears :gears :gears


I prefer BMWs :cool M3 baby!

Would say M6…but I will most likely be retired before even thinking about a 2 digit car…


The reason the Mercedes was so fast and powerfull is its a 7 speed :gears



The SMG transmissions in BMWs are the best EVAR!!! Look it up, it is TeH UbeR SHizLlENIszle Fo ReAL Sun


I like beemers to but ive never drove one :dunno


Me either, my pocketbook isn’t big enough. Hell, I don’t even have a pocketbook. But I have talked to many owners, read many reviews, and well…I just naturally know everything…the SMG is supposed to be like god :dunno


I’ve been in them they seem tight like a condom :dunno


Did you feel protected…and safe?


No… I felt like the airbags were splitting :dunno


Are you sure you weren’t in a GMC?!? That sounds about right.





GMCs are GAYLY MADE CARS bwahaha


i was just looking at the website and the SLK350 is ok but im in love with the SL65 AMG roadster. its fuckin sweet. a 6.0 TT V12 with 604 HP and 738 TQ. :bow SL65 AMG


If I win the lotto I will probably have one of those in my 30 car garage. Considering the jackpot is millions and not thousands.


Damn this thing is awsome… :rock