Slo6banger and Mrs Behavin


Who changed both of our titles? Hmmmmmm? We will hunt you down and torture you!


I think it had to be the pig product himself. He’s got only 10000 million tokens to spend. :tard


Thats kinda what I was thinking too. Thats allright, we will think of a new title for him. And it will be funny. I just noticed that he changed Kplays Kitty too.


I’d think that would be fairly obvious…


well that sounds kind of lucky :lol


We’ll pinch your nipples until you confess! :smiley:


Thats just gay. Tell him he can’t wank off, that’ll do it.


Re: RE: Slo6banger and Mrs Behavin

Now you tell me how that is gay! IF it were 2 guys, then, yeah, that would be gay. And how would I stop him from wanking off??? I have no control over what his hands do.


I’m totally owning up to my title. I do think he’s a looker. I’ll pimp this shit in style.


not just a looker but a nice guy too :smiley:




now I just need better luck with local women


well… just wait until my meet and you will MAYBE get to see andrea. :slight_smile:


yeah… :banana


Whos Andrea? :dunno
Sorry, Im being nosy.




i thought it was audrea… or something like that :dunno


it is and I’m sure thats what she ment


Re: RE: Slo6banger and Mrs Behavin

I guess I’m just chopped liver in a bucket of salt.


well you do drive an import :dunno