As Im driving back to the house this morning, I notice my neighborhood is flooded pretty bad… I get out of the car, and notice a smell… Walk into my house and was literally taken back by the smell. It appears everyone’s sewage is backing up!!! Its discusting… Ive sprayed ALL of the air freshener… GROSS!!

Oh ewwwww.

that sounds like a nightmare

that has to suck. happened here at the office once and GROSS

That’s nasty! My high school’s system flooded once. Yuck!

Does anyone know about it? Are people working on it already?

OMG i would of puked. i was at a gas station once and the septic tank backed up out side and walking past it made me gag. :yuk

Oh, very not good.

I’m sitting here complaining about the lack of rain - but I wouldn’t trade this for that :yuk

not safe to be around either.

Think nasty mold too. :yuk

Mmmmmmmm sewer gas


Damn V. thats shity!:smiley:

Eww, sewer’s a really bad smell.

:puke: There’s a sewage plant here in town and it can be really smelly when I drive by sometimes. I would hate to be around your situation!

We think tha’s how my sister got hepatitis when she was seven. We had a sewage backup at school near her classroom.

That’s awful. :thumbdown

I just bleached ALL my floors, toilets, tubs, showers, etc… and I STILL smell it. :frowning: YUCK!

I had to get a tetanus shot after my hometown flooded and I sandbagged all night.


now thats just nasty!!!

Not good. At all. :thumbdown:thumbdown