Well, I’m retarded, but I wanted at least one more thing for the mod fest down at Joes… so I picked up an engine mod tonight.

284 shipped.



lol… go ahead!!


I’d like to get a flywheel as well, it’s like 280 also… but I don’t know if you guys will be able to install that (does joe have an engine puller? lol) especially since I’ll still have my old clutch.

I might get an IM or exhaust later.


i said fuck it… I bought an exhaust too.

COmplete catback RS*R Exmag, supposed to be almost as quiet as stock.



cool man, but dont you have parts just lying around waiting to be installed already


Re: RE: smiles

A shifter with bushings and a rear strut brace.

We’re gonna be busy modding my car down thar :smiley:


haha, sounds fun. i wish i could get somehting to put on down there. i odnt know what to get though?


Re: RE: smiles

Supercharger! Preferably a kenne bell!


man, theres no way i could buy a part and not have it on the next day. I get to excited about that stuff, haha. But it would be nice to have all that help also. What kind of gains do you expect with your mods?


i couldn’t tell ya. the intake made it louder, the dc is a 4-1 so I would gain top end, and the exhaust is 2.36" diameter piping. I’m leaving the cat on until I can get a straight through test pipe or a new resonator.

5ish… horses, tops? maybe? I’m not good at guestimating, and I don’t want to over estimate and sound like a tard.