Just wondering how many smokers and non smokers we have here. I dont smoke but I was just wondering which one has the highest amount. Smokers or Non Smokers.


I don’t smoke


We are talking tabacco, right? :smiley:


I don’t smoke anything smart ass hahaha


smoke free for 18 years now…


oh you know it. in fact, I need some more… I think I dropped my pack out in my brothers yard… :owned


You’ve seen me smokin at your house… :tard


Im so sorrrrry! I totally forgot. Hows the job goin?


yeah… and where be me soft drinks…aarrrh… :dunno


and mrsb… i like your sig, cuz its like a first lesson in reading lips… haha


Thank ya! I thought it was funny myself, but, someone has already told me it was annoying and that I should take it off.


Re: RE: Smoker

have a poll :dunno

and get in the chat… i swear…


Re: RE: Smoker

The job is going well. If I am out till 9pm much more I’m gonna drive that truck up someones ass. :gears


:rofl I would have to see that! :rock
Why out till 9pm? That busy?




non smoker of any kind


non smoker as well!


No Cigs here. I live a pretty active lifestyle and cigs would slow me down. My buddy that I surf with smokes and I always feel bad for him because I’ll be catching set after set, and he’ll catch one wave, then paddle back out to me and he’s hacking up a lung and looks like he’s guna pass out, LOL. I always say, “bro, you look like you need a smoke” and he’ll say, “bro, you need to shut the hhhhell upppp” …then he hacks up something that looks like it belongs at a sushi bar and shoots a snot rocket in my general diection.


:funnah :rofl :rofl :barf :barf


This might sound bad about me…but when I get the chance (No ones around, I have some from my mom) I do like…every few months…