So Doggie and Old Sam

I wanted to tell you both about this dream I had lastnight. (this is more for Doggie since he didnt vote for me) take note.
The dream started out that my cat had kittens 11 of them to be exact, but heres the weird part shes 12 years old and spayed… but then the next dream I had I was being chased by this guy that was trying to kill me and I punched him twice in the head and stabbed him in the eye with a screwdriver. Now how is that I can dream of kittens and killing all in the same night hmmm…:cool

Umm wow you are out of your fucking mind!

Audra… that’s awesome. :thumbup

Audraa… I think it balances things out in an extreme sort of way. Kittens… Killing…

Oh! And they both start with a K.

thanks ladies :slight_smile: and Tom bite me!!

[quote=“AUDRAA, post: 1088435”]thanks ladies :slight_smile: and Tom bite me!![/quote]Pick a spot sweetie!:wink:


Uh . . . ok . . . :eek uh . . . Audra???

Well, erm . . . I haven’t been banned yet, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

It’s funny how my new avy takes on so much more meaning now.

Did you watch this episode of The Goodies before bed last night

YouTube - The Goodies - Kitten Kong (Part 1 of 3)

And furthermore - that dream wasn’t about me, cause I don’t chase no one. If anything I’d be running from you :willy_nilly:

where did my link go?

its there and no I wasnt watching that





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