So Easter holidays are done

Official first day back at school today after two weeks! :willy_nilly:

Kody went back but Ayden has swimmers ear and its hit him bad so hes off for another week :willy_nilly:

Dag nammit, just when i think things will finally go back to normal it twists and doesn’t :frowning:

I hate it when Ayden is sick though, Kody is still my baby so its ok to baby him no matter what but Ayden when he is sick and is in pain and it hurts him enough to cry it gets me everytime :frowning:

Awwww… You’re a good mommy…

Awww thanks Red :slight_smile:

Im a little worried. Since Ayden has had this ear infection he has been having nightmares really bad ones where he wakes up screaming and crying because he reached 100 thats all he will tell me apart from the fact there is alot of noise and screaming when it gets to 100.
i thought it was orginally a side effect of the panadine forte he was put on so i took him off it, he didnt have bad dreams for three days and we went to see the doc again today and he has the nightmare again tonight i had trouble calming him down. Its really starting to freak me out :frowning: