So get this


I have officially decided there is no way I will reenlist in the Marine Corps in 1 yr and 7 months, and here is why. Today, a guy I work with was told he is a match for somebody who needs a bone marrow transplant. This guy’s dad had some kind of cancer, so of course he wants to help. He went to get it signed off by our Commanding Officer to get it done, and they have been thinking about it all day. They’re worried about him missing work for a few days. They may still decide to let him, but the fact that they won’t just say yes is completely ridiculous. So fuck the Marine Corps. Somebody may die because someone else can’t get out of work for a couple days???


thats pretty fucked up, it’s his decision, if its a safe operation it shouldn’t be a problem, unless would be risking his life, but i don’t know too much about all that stuff


Well, the guy could always use his vacation or leave time right? The military owns you while your there, thats just part of it.


hoooraa marine core…go navy…that is fucked…sorry to hear it…


wow that is majorly fucked up




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I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that


That sucks ass :fu USMC