So.....hahahaha, I set my friends engine on fire


We were nice and toked up, stopped at a gas station for gas and he decided to check his oil. Found out he was a quart low.

So he comes out with oil and he’s filling up his Jetta. I get the bright idea to LAY on the horn and scare the crap out of his baked ass. He dropped the oil and bam, we got an engine oil fire on the exhaust manifold!!!

HAHAHAHA, all I saw was flames shooting up from the manifold and he’s waving at it trying to blow it out. Well after a few seconds it burned out and we were like oh shit…paid for the gas and went straight home.

Just thought I’d share that with you guys.


Must have been funny as hell to see. Some of my hardest gut laughs have been by scaring the shit out of someone.


hahaha… you never forget the friends you hurt while getting high… lol… Sorry, had to say the commerical to that one. :slight_smile: funny shit though


haha, add that one to the “stupid tricks” book


exactly we have done some crazy things to ppl who pass out. :banana :booze


When we came back to my house we were laughing so hard.

All I could see was through the little crack between the hood and the car when he had the hood popped. I was sitting inside LOL. I just saw flames shooting up and him waving at it :lol


lol… I would of laughed my ass off. Ive scared joe a few times by doing that… but he never caught anything on fire before. LOL HAHA