So i got an 05 Mustang


… on Forza Motorsport. damn thing slides all over the road in the Mustang races and i havent even done a weight reduction on it! uggg i hate that car. drives like a pig too.


So far my best 2 cars are Chevys. A 4th gen SS and a '69 Z-28.

The Z-28 is pretty brutal with the 427 + every other mod I could buy and I have the suspension so jacked right now I can’t control it. Fun though! :smiley:


Doods Forza is the best! I love my 05 on that game, gave it a sweet paint job after all the performance stuff. I love the Cobra. I gave it a Saleen hood :smiley:


:wtf yall noobers talking about…


I needa go buy fornza, but i have no spare moeny for games


trade some of your old games in at a video game place. i know EB Games has it for $30 brand new or $25 used.


Re: RE: so i got an 05 Mustang…

Ive been looking for it they are always out :dunno


I’m not much of a gamer, but Forza looks awesome.