So i got

Another piercing

Does that mean im a freak

Depends on location location location

No. It means you like piercings.

hahaha so the location is the key huh Damn lol

So you are going for “holier than thou” :24::24::24:

how many piercings do you have?

Ive got a couple but none that can show (with work and all)

I have 4 so far Two that is noticeable

4 piercings arent bad at all. For me its an adrenaline rush getting them

I also have three tats too and im not done with those

you might be a freak, but not in a bad way

I dont have any tattoos. Im kinda more of a chicken when it comes to those then the piercings :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha maybe im a freak in bed lol which is in a good way i guess

Awe tattoos are not bad at all

I had a 6 gauge Prince Albert for about 3 yrs.


I think they are awesome I actually know someone that has one

Yeah, I used to really like piercings and contrary to popular belief, the PA does not really hurt. It’s a quick pinch when the needle goes through the underside and that’s it. Easy to clean too as urine is sterile! :smiley:

well i have my hood done and let me tell you my nose hurt worse

There is nothing wrong with piercings!

FW is a freak W/o them as it is… she wont get anything pierced for me! :frowning:

Ive had it done for the past 2 years :thumbup