So i had a change

i chopped seven inches off my hair length and went back to my nature colour with only a few blond highlights. I’ll take a photo later for you guys to see. but wow its short. i ahven’t had it this short in years. its just on my shoulders now for length. was at the middle of my back before and very blond. i like it…looks good. make me look younger i think. and i’ve got another appointment set for the 27th of june… i’m going platnum blond with a pink bit in the back for the summer…and my son is going in on the same date to have blond highlightinh done as well. just for fun…my hairstylest loves me as she gets to try new things out on me. :thumbup…i hope i don’t chicken out on the marilyn manroe blond with the avril lavene pink. lmao:24:

going to be 36 years old on the 3 of april so i’m nuts doing this, but hey its fun!:smiley:


Exactly. Where are the pics? Can we see some?

Can’t wait to see pics!

Definitely need to share the change with us.

We want pics!!! :slight_smile:

as soon as i get back i’ll take a pic and show yas

I’ve always wanted pink hair! go for it girl!! You’ll rawk it :smiley:


[quote=“Springsteen, post: 1079450”]This…[/quote]+2

Personally, I’m partial to long hair. Not big on blonde but I guess it’s aight.

Me likey brunettes.:wink:

Waiting to see the new Elsa!

Ooh! I’m excited about you getting some pink in there! Way to be gutsy!

We need pics now, and then, please. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I bet it looks hot :wink:

Elsa way to go girlie.

Can’t wait to see it sweetie.

no pic yet :frowning:

we need to see your hotness!!

[quote=“vshayes, post: 1079456”]no pic yet :frowning:

we need to see your hotness!![/quote]


[quote=“vshayes, post: 1079456”]no pic yet :frowning:

we need to see your hotness!![/quote]

We must see the pics.

right remember how i said i liked it? well after i had my shower and blew it dry i was in shock…its a hack job…i cried…for the life of me i couldn’t straighten the shitty bits of layers she put in my hair…so i called her, she said she would call me back but never did…so i’ve gone all feeling like shit. it looks horrible. My lovely long hair ruined. To fix this i am sure i will have to go shorter to get rid of the layers in order to stop the frizz. Not even my expensive styling products are helping nor my straightening iron…i can’t believe this has happened…and it looked so nice the way she had styled it, but i can’t reproduce it for the life of me and i am GOOD at doing hair…took me two hours just to get it to look how these photos are…i’m so disappointed…anyway heres the pics… sorry i’ve gone from can’t wait to show you to look at this shit…i’m all puffy from crying so bare with me and my ugly fat face:(…its going to take me six months to grow this out…i’m not going to do the platnum blond and pink thats for sure…not after this…unless she can show me what the hell i am doing wrong…maybe i need a hotter straightener…i don’t know. well at least one good thing came of this…i learned how to use the laptops cam…:D.

It’s pretty Elsa!!!
I have a kick ass straightener. It was pricey but worth it. I’ll have to look at what the name if it is and let you know. It’s ceramic so it doesn’t friz up AT ALL.

It looks like your hair is very thick just like mine is typically. For me to get layers to work right I’ve always had to have my stylists thin my hair a bit. And yea even then I’ve had to get a better straightener because some just don’t run hot enough.

I hope that’s the only problem so it will be an easy fix.