So...i had a lovely weekend


i was pickpocketed in NYC :o


oh man that really sucks




how much did they take? that really sucks.


See you should have come to see me instead. At least I wouldn’t have taken your cash. :smiley:


Sorry to hear that. damn.


like $100 and my metro card :frowning:


Sorry to hear that. That sucks. I rarely carry that kind of cash on me.

I went up to East of Chicago in Leo to get some dinner tonight and I found out that my old manager that I worked with at another store before they closed it was robbed at gunpoint Sunday night. The kindest sweetest lady in the world had a fucking gun pointed at her over money. The fucker got away with over 5 grand in sales from the Fri, Sat and Sun deposits and 90 from 3 drivers bags.

I would personally kill this mother fucker if I ever met him.


Word man… thats fucked.


people are so fucked up in this world…people talk about 3rd world countries being bad…look at our own fucking country. we’re the richest country in the world, maybe, if not close to the most powerful nation, yet, people feel the need to rob lil old ladies at gunpoint for what, $5k…GET A JOB. its not that hard. i mean, geez. that shit pisses me off.

sorry you got pickpocketed in NY. that sux