So I just got asked to prom by a girl I used to know

Yeah, I’m in college right now. I thought I was done with dances…but a girl I know from highschool (who is a senior stil in highschool) asked me to my old high school’s prom…I don’t really know what I want to do.

She’s cute, and has a nice personality but I hardly know her at all and I’m not the biggest fan of dances…


hit it…pee in her butt

Don’t go. HS prom is for people in HS. Although I always did get a good laugh in HS out of the guys who did come back.

Do what you wanna do and fuck what people think. If you feel like you need to go and that you will have a good time. Have at it man. Do you.

Don’t listen to boomer, he’s usually wrong. He just wants someone else to get picked on rather than just him. :wink:

Its up to you really. I never went to prom, much like you, I never cared for dancing or big social events with the people in my class that I didn’t like anyway.

hahaha nice

Same way I was.Id tell her: No girl, I dont wanna dance, I wanna put it in yer butt and then go kick it with the fellas. Now, would you like a king cobra? Cause you give better head when your drunk. :smiley: