So I was watching discovery channel

They had this Panda giving birth. I loooove pandas, but…while I was watching this, I popped the biggest boner. I was wondering if thats weird? Has this happened to anyone else? I used to get a boner when I watched cows poop, but this is just beyond me… :confused

That’s just…not right.

oh, boomer. you and your panda fetish.

random erections are healthy. i’d rather get erections at the wrong times than not having erections at the right times.

boomer please dont admit this in public :frowning:

You know what would make a really good seat cover/rug/blanket/coat?

A Panda.

oh this thread is just getting more and more wrong by the minute

LOL Im just trying to be an honest member of the OTz community. : ]

thats a bit too honest hun

I see. Pony, not everyone is ready.

Oh my Boomer…yer freakin me out.

LOL been a while since I heard that!

there’s not many things people can say that just has me floored.

Boom don’t worry some people’s mind are easyily blown. Mine however took your statement and laughed. My mind cannot be blown.

Oh and about the erection situation, more power to you.

weird no not for you buddy and thanks i can’t stop laughing and wet my pants.:smiley:

I’m not going ot mention whatuse to give me boners at your age…

That comment deserves a thread! >: ]

well it was women…no big story

lol nice one bacon