So im very well upset


[B]Well lets see yesterday afternoon my favorite place to go to have a drink and relax,caught on fire.Now i have no clue where to go that place was on the top of all other bars around. It makes me sick.:frowning:

I guess the good thing is they will be reopening in about 3 weeks.But in my eyes its 3 weeks too long. Lastnight we had went to go see how bad it was and the owners offered us beer.Thats because we are regulars and they know us very

It was awesome drinking in the dark.It was like a reunion at the bar. :smiley:


This is a perfect time to check out other places and see what they have to offer.


Sounds like a pleasant evening.


It actually was.Free Beer Hell yea


Sorry to hear that. :frowning:


sorry to hear that my old local closed and we have to go the next one its ok but :frowning: miss the black bear


Free beer is always good!


three weeks isn’t that long…that was nice of them with the beer… why not ask them if they need help?


A good 'ol fashioned bar hop is in order.


You can always come drink at my house.




Drink at your House where are you from lol


Go help rebuild the place - tell the owners what you liked and want to rebuild, and what you want changed.

Do this while having more free beers with the owners :thumbup


Hey thats an awesome Idea.:slight_smile:


that sucks :frowning: