So, my day was pretty meh

Had to work so, after getting there realized I didn’t really wanna be there & started my sceme to get my boss to let me leave early. There wasn’t much business going on so, since the owner’s looking out for payroll in slow times, I got to leave about 1hr & 15mins early.

Other than that, nothing except my wedding ring came in the mail. Ordered it online.

It’s a perfect fit!!:thumbup

I guess I’m trying to ask how everyone else’s day was.

It was pretty freakin’ nice here today. The high temp was 73, minus the wind & SUNNY!!!

All the more reason NOT to wanna be at work.:wink:

Hmm… my day started off really crappy and then I went shopping, found out I had a free video rental and, even though I was suppose to pay, got a free dinner tonight. (I really did forget my wallet. I swear!)

Congrats on the ring, btw! How excited are you?

[quote=“HottyToddyChick, post: 1097480”]Congrats on the ring, btw! How excited are you?[/quote]Pretty.

I just hope it doesn’t fall off while I’m working. Not that it would. I had it sized a 1/2 size smaller so that wouldn’t be an issue. It’s not too tight though. I’d hate the thought of it getting stuck.