So there is this guy

at work. The crazy dood Dane Cook warns you about. You know? NO? You dont? Look…
YouTube - Dane Cook - Creepy Guy At Work

Anyways. I found the dood at my job. The guy is quiet as hell and he mopes. Thats right…I said it…he mopes. Eyes to the floor, he watches himself walk all day. Looking at his shoes as if they were the light at the end of a seemingly depressing tunnel.

I talked to this guy. And have every day since. He aint gettin me…no no. :cool

it’s a shame when all they need to do is party a little , lighten up fruitcakes.:wink:

holy crap it’s homer! welcome back my man! :smiley:

LOL you know! The dudes cool, he just looks like jack sparrow after a heroine benge.