So they caught the BTK killer


What do you think they should do? Life in prison, gas chamber, etc etc. I always say an eye for an eye. Discuss


btk killer?? whos that?


Links Detials Anything no idea who this is.


holy shit- Bond Torcher Kill- he was a serial rapist and serial killer in kansas- he has eluded the cops for like 30 yrs- he send notes to the tv stations telling them to air his letters or he will strike again… he is a national psycho.


really?? I had no idea who it was. Im gonna search for him and see what I can find out.


This dude wanted to be caught… check this out

A timeline from 1974 to present surrounding the BTK case:

_ Jan. 15, 1974: Joseph Otero, 38, and his wife, Julie, 34, are strangled in their home along with two of their children, Josephine, 11, and Joseph II, 9.

_ April 4, 1974: Kathryn Bright, 21, is stabbed to death in her home. Police later conclude she was a BTK victim.

_ October 1974: The Wichita Eagle-Beacon gets a letter from someone taking responsibility for the Otero family killing. The message included crime scene details.

_ March 17, 1977: Shirley Vian, 24, is found tied up and strangled at her home.

_ Dec. 8, 1977: Nancy Fox, 25, is found tied up and strangled in her home. The killer’s voice is captured on tape when he calls a dispatcher to report the crime.

_ Jan. 31, 1978: A poem, referring to the Vian killing, is sent to The Wichita Eagle-Beacon.

_ Feb. 10, 1978: A letter from BTK is sent to KAKE-TV claiming responsibility for the deaths of Vian and Fox, as well as another unnamed victim. Police Chief Richard LaMunyon announces a serial killer is at large and has threatened to strike again.

_ Aug. 15, 1979: Police get more than 100 tips in the first day of radio and TV broadcasts that repeat the voice of the BTK strangler from the 1977 recording.

_ April 28, 1979: BTK waits inside a home, but leaves before the 63-year-old woman who lives there returns. He later sends her a letter letting her know he was there.

_ Mid-1980s: A group known as “The Ghostbusters” takes on the then cold case and during the next three years employs new DNA testing techniques, database searches and psychological profiles.

_ Sept. 16, 1986: Vicki Wegerle, 28, is strangled in her home. The family car is found nearby.

_ March 19, 2004: A letter arrives at The Wichita Eagle containing a photocopy of Wegerle’s driver’s license and photos of her body. Police link it to BTK.

_ April 2004: Wichita police subpoena information from the Wichita Eagle’s BTK Internet discussion board.

_ May 5, 2004: KAKE-TV receives a letter with photocopies of a business identification card of a former Southwestern Bell employee and an ID badge of a former Wichita’s public schools employee.

_ June 2004: Wichita police receive a letter describing the 1974 Otero family killings.

_ October 2004: Wichita police obtain a letter dropped in a United Parcel Service Inc. box. The correspondence contained jewelry.

_ Dec. 1, 2004: Wichita police arrested a man on minor charges and test his DNA for a connection to the BTK serial killings. He is later released on bond.

_ December 2004: A package containing the driver’s license of Nancy Fox, who was killed in 1977, is found by a Wichita resident in a neighborhood park.

_ Jan. 12, 2005: The man whose DNA was tested in December sues three media organizations, including The Associated Press. The AP is dropped from the defamation lawsuit in early February.

_ Jan. 25, 2005: KAKE-TV receives a postcard that leads police to a suspicious cereal box in a rural area northwest of Wichita, and asks an earlier missing communication. The postcard was from “S Killett” with the address of the Otero family.

_ Feb. 3, 2005: KAKE-TV gets another postcard, this one thanking them for its quick response. Police said they later found the missing communication No. 7.

_ Feb. 16, 2005: A different Wichita TV station, KSAS-TV, receives an apparent BTK message. The manila envelope contained a piece of jewelry and a letter. The letter’s return address said “PJ Fox.”

_ Feb. 25, 2005: Police and other authorities surround a home in Park City, a Wichita suburb.

_ Feb. 26, 2005: After receiving several more letters, authorities announce the arrest of BTK.


WOW But you know most seral killer wont to be caught …I seen some documetaries on the serial … and its like a ego thing with them ( sick ) but they leave things for you to find iits like a clue for you to figure out …They all wont to be caught ??? b ut what ive never figured out is what makes them like this ??? what in ther twisted minds makes them think this is right ???




i really think they should have the EXACT thing done to them, as they did to others!!!


yea but now he is old, who would want to bind torcher and kill him, id kil him and maybe torcher, but bind and molest- hell no :wtf


:barf :rofl


I say feed his ass razor blades


via a rusty pipe :lol


while he is forced to molest a dead cow from behind.


[quote=AtlanticBlue99]while he is forced to molest a dead cow from behind.[/quote]yeah, make him earn his brown wings from a dead cow. AWSOME


so yesterday evening we were sitting there watching forrest gump on abc and it came to a commercial…so they say that next on the news they will be covering the btk killer, so i turn to my brother and im like “dude that guy reminds me of a scout leader or something” and then like half an hour later on aim pops up a nifty little link from my brother

and i just about died laughing


was he your cub scout leader??? lol


no, he just had the look…omg i dont even know why this is so funny…and im guessing me and my bro are the only people in the world that find our story funny…but i dont care cause im me and i think its funny.


and your prolly high :cool



Well every one knows Jugs werid >>>>> But i think he should die the same way he killed his victums fair is fair no matter his age … he still did it