So uh

We’re almost all back up?

Yup, Joe gave me the file to fix the site, so we are back!

If this happens again, I’ll have the tools needed to fix it right away.

It’s still goofin up when you click on a forum. Like if you’re viewing the Gen. Discussion forum it’s all goofy and somethin’ is missing.

Wow, Im so glad that wasnt just me.wipes forehead

I see that, let me look into it some more

I admit, I had withdrawals for 24 hours. I almost called my Doctor because of the shakes, but I got through it!!:smiley:

But I just got this message at the top of the page when I clicked on to make a post here:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /includes/functions_editor.php on line 591


anyone else getting a weird looking page if they click on the general discussion forum? I cant get into any threads but the current one posted in yet

working on it…

ok just checkin good job Timmy :slight_smile:

I know Tim’s working “fast and furious” on fixing everything…

…so I’m sure he knows the member list is all wacky and the number of tournaments won amount is gone from the left column under the user’s name.

Thanks Tim for getting right on everything! You’re awesome! :muscles:

yeah I told peter that him and nicauf was banned haha

so what exactly happened?

HAH! That’s true, people do think they’ve been banned when a forum site crashes. I’ve been on forums where they’ve crashed and when people tried to log back on, they received a message saying that they had lost all log in privileges and the anticipated time/day that they would get them back was…NEVER!

…you make bombs…

~'nough said…:smiley:

haha but I didn’t blow up the site…maybe my post whoring was too much for the site to handle

just checked the members list and i’m not on it , just wondering why ?

I dunno

the site couldnt handle my sexy new avy :slight_smile:

blah blah blah