So very bored

so… entertain me…

Hmm. I could do a strip tease!


that sounds like fun… ill lock the door so Skyblue doesnt walk in…

uh oh… too late…

That’s Fred, silly!

I’m not very good at stripteases, though, now that I’ve offered. I once threw my shirt and it knocked over a lap, which shattered all over the floor.

:taps foot:

I’m afraid! There are lamps about! Innocent lamps!

when i said skyblue it cos hes the second biggest perve since foxy mulder dont hang around so much… but any guy in general… should have been locked out…

i tried it 1s… but i had my skinny jeans on… and i couldnt get the off very sexy so i gave up…

Haha they are hard to get off in a sexy style, ay?

here is a pointless fact for you…i have to go teach today

sounds like fun what do you teach?.. and can you get your skinny jeans off in a sexy manor?

I’d offer a striptease, but if I did it for you I’d have to do it for everyone, and then no one would sign on OTZ anymore on account of being blind. :smiley:

yea. blind from beauty!

I could probably blind a fair few of you lot as well come to think of it. Guess it’s best that all these innocent lamps are about.

omg guyz… ur both making me feel like a big holofalump here! i could lift you both with my pinky finger

i teach cpr, advanced cardiac life support and pediatric advance life support

im too big for skinny jeans, but i have learned the art of taking anything off sexy


i have big man calves… muscular calves so they get stuck…

You? A huffalump? As if. I see your avatar, you can’t fool me! I could probably snap you like a twig.